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Trauma Healing

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a client-centered, body-centered non-traumatizing approach which resolves experiences that our body and mind has interpreted as traumatic or upsetting in any way. When we have any experiences throughout our lives that our mind and body interrupt as overwhelming, dangerous, or threatening in any way, our sympathetic nervous system or a "flight or fight" response is activated. Our body then stores these memories in a "frozen" or unresolved state, which is then held in our body and mind as a continual active memory. These unresolved memories cause energetic unconscious blockages that can easily be trigger throughout our lives often leading to an inability to regulate our affect appropriately, develop addictive patterns or numbing out behaviors, panic attacks, phobias, self-harm, nightmares, etc. HMR addresses these trauma-induced blockages by using a reframing technique that targets such emotionally charged memories, while releasing the old stale energy from our body. In doing so, we are letting our brain know that this event is no longer taking place in our conscious present life.


When we experience any overwhelming emotional experiences, our defenses become activated, and a natural self-hypnotic state is induced as a way for our brain to attempt to contain our pain and foster a sense of survival in the present moment. Such "trance states", which last only for milliseconds, form the basis of most of the "dis-ease" and pain we begin to experience in our body and mind. As a result, we then tap into many of these "trance" states throughout a single day, some being more obvious than others.


When experiencing HMR, clients will often report that they physically feel a noticeable releasing of the negative emotional charge leave their body, by stating they seem "lighter". In my personal and professional experience of HMR, this approach is a gentle way of healing and letting go of our tragic or upsetting past experiences, while not re-living all the scenes of those painful life events.


Due to this wonderful approach toward healing trauma, we no longer need to struggle with our subconsciously imprinted past memories. HMR can allow us to become fully present in our daily lives by permanently releasing us from the trap of victimhood that often results from storing these hurtful images throughout our lifetime. #innerchildhealing

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