When your life is feeling a little imbalanced, it may feel as though you have neglected your needs, self-care routines, values, and priorities. Although it may be easy to feel regretful and burned out at that moment, you can still work toward achieving a sense of equilibrium through learning healthy holistic coping skills to regain a sense of balance.


"Finding balance with your mind, body and spirit is the key to your soul's prosperity."


~Dr. Deb~



Trauma is any physical or emotional experience that overwhelms the central nervous system and leaves your body or mind in a "stuck state". Such distressing events can hinder a person's ability to cope in a healthy way.



Many people have experienced feelings of depression. It is a normal reaction to loss or life's everyday challenges.

Depression is insidious. It affects your mood, ability to think, feel and function daily. It blunts your sensations of pleasure, decreases motivation, closes off connectedness, stifles your creativity, often instilling a sense of hopelessness.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. 



You are not alone. Many people deal with feelings of overwhelm, fear, nervousness, and tension. Such feelings of unease can take a serious tole on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.



Dr. Deb has specialized in eating disorders for over 20 years. From anorexia nervosa to bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating, she focuses on the core issues that are at the heart of symptoms.



Reiki practitioners often use this form of energy healing to calm and rebalance the nervous system in traumatized patients. Reiki healing balances and releases emotional blockages, often resulting in tears or laughter during sessions. 


Debbie has been a driving force behind my growth and strength today. I have been a patient of Debbie's for years, and I couldn't begin to express my gratitude for her and her practice. Debbie is respectful, empathetic, and makes her patients feel comfortable in the most vulnerable times. Her approach and overall knowledge is constructive, and her support is genuine, warm, and encouraging.
Throughout my years of therapy, Debbie has worked with me to address my traumas, my fears, my insecurities, and my dependencies, as well as given me insight and tools on how to manage such. I feel safe and I feel heard with Debbie, and I ultimately feel in control of myself and my life.
I feel more capable with the perspective and skills she has given me, and I truly value our therapeutic relationship. With Debbie's guidance, insight, and unwavering support, I have become a healthier and stronger woman throughout the years, and I'm hopeful for my future. She is truly one of a kind!


My family and I have been loyal and committed clients of Rago & Associates and Debbie Davero for about eight years now.
I personally have struggled with many serious mental health issues and traumas throughout the years and I'm not sure where I would be today if I hadn't found Debbie.
She is brilliant and skilled in many areas and is constantly updating her education by obtaining all kinds of certifications in her various fields of expertise. It is quite obvious in the way that she executes these techniques that she is beyond passionate about her job and that she genuinely cares about each and every client that walks through her door. She is relentless in her mission to help heal and empower young minds.
Any success I have experienced throughout my healing process, I must accredit to Debbie! It is through her many years of commitment to me and the implementation of innovative techniques into our sessions that I have found strength and salvation. It is quite clear to me that I would not be who I am or where I am today without the incredible help of Dr. Debbie Davero.


In 2010 the tragic loss of our daughter left us barely able to breath, let alone function & process the grief and trauma. We struggled to find hope and healing for both ourselves & our 13 yr old son.
After several years of working with different therapists to no avail, we met Dr. Davero. We found her expertise, empathy, respect & commitment far exceeded even the highest standards of patient care & treatment.
Her ability to provide our family with the tools & understanding necessary to regain our footing in all aspects of our life is a testament to a doctor whose vast knowledge and expertise in many areas of mental health treatment is equal only to her compassion & devotion to those in her care.


In my work with Debbie, what stands out most is the strength we built together to establish a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship. Debbie remained attuned, recognizing my needs, making adjustments where they were needed and challenging me in ways that facilitated growth. Her nurturing essence helped me work through memories, thoughts and emotions that kept me stuck. I felt assurance from her constant empathy and commitment throughout my therapeutic process.
I began seeing Debbie three times per week, afraid to leave her office each time. Slowly, as I gained more skills and confidence in my abilities from our sessions, we decreased our time together. She supported me in transforming self-discovery and insight into action in my everyday life. Eventually, I regained the aptitude and empowerment to go out into the world without Debbie's weekly guidance. She assured me she would be there if I ever needed her again.
Today, I check in from time to time, over the phone or when I'm back in town, to share my achievements with Debbie, who always welcomes me with a receptive ear and open arms.


Deb has a unique approach to counseling that is supportive, intuitive, challenging and positive. She creates an encouraging, safe environment in which to explore places you probably don't want to go, but need to.
She has an uncanny ability to strike the right balance of making you feel safe and yet challenging the areas you need to challenge.


She’s a reiki master who really knows exactly what to do for all various needs. Highly recommend! Thank you!